create the story of your community’s future


+Public creates transformative stories of the revitalization of people and places by designing scalable and sustainable communication solutions to economically-challenged communities-in-revival.


Design Thinking Research

Full-scale research investment in your community’s economics, people, and places.


Brand Identity Design

Memorable time-tested logo solutions built to fit the shape, size, and soul of your community.


Graphic + Interactive

We cover the spectrum of graphic and interactive design – be it print work, animation, app design, or ADA-compliant websites.


Multimedia Storytelling

Telling the stories of your community through widely distributed advertising, videos, podcasting, and live events!


Creative Placemaking

Transforming spaces into places where people want to be and doing so creatively, originally, and freshly.

Community Engagement

Meaningful and memorable creative public programming that maximizes community impact.


Founded in Pennsylvania, working with a social conscience

What is a B-Corporation?

A B-Corporation is a business entity that includes public benefit and positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profiting from services or products they offer.

Why does this matter to me?

Since +Public is a legal B-Corporation, we are obligated to create public benefit, like donating a percentage of annual income to charity, which gives our mission sharp focus and meaningful purpose. By working with us, you are creating positive public benefit and impact.

How does +Public create public benefit?

We believe that design is a conduit for cultural and social change and invest in organizations that create opportunities for all people to use art and design in transformative ways.

Disclaimer: “City of You” images created by RJ Thompson for the City of Youngstown through a grant partnership between the City of Youngstown and Youngstown State University. “City of You” is not an official +Public project. 

Creating a new identity, or telling a new story for a community is a challenge that requires organic solutions that come over time, not forced into immediacy. +Public creates transformative stories of the revitalization of people and places by designing scalable and sustainable marketing ecosystems, timeless brand identities, communication and design storytelling, public space activation and creative placemaking, training, and creative community and economic development solutions to economically-challenged communities-in-revival.

Our public-centered communication and design services have affordability and practicality built in, creating memorable and meaningful impact in your community doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive. Every community is different in shape, size, and soul – our adaptive services and research model structures itself differently around each community for optimal creative output. Our work is fully inclusive and relies on thriving public and private partnerships with local assets to truly showcase the strengths and opportunities of each community. Be it a new brand identity, ADA-compliant websites, print advertisements, mobile apps, podcasts, merchandise, video spots, and more – we build meaningful and memorable expressions across all channels. Whatever work product is developed, we train you how to use it effectively to sustain and grow your communication efforts on your own – and if you happen to need us, we’ll be there.

We are actively recruiting communities to be included in a publication of case studies on community branding.


Grounded in academic research, guided by practice

RJ Thompson, MFA

RJ Thompson, MFA

Principal + Creative

RJ is presently the Director of Digital Marketing in the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh and adjunct professor at Point Park University and the Community College of Allegheny County. His research agenda seeks to utilize design as an agent for community revitalization. RJ has received several grants and awards for his design work.

D. Kent Kerr, MFA

D. Kent Kerr, MFA

Researcher + Creative

Kent is presently an assistant professor of graphic design at West Virginia University and a part-time instructor at Butler County Community College. His research agenda and design-thinking methodology aim to identify cultural and economic opportunities by combining visually striking design with insightful, human-centered narratives.

RJ Thompson receives 2019 Ohio Governor’s Award in the Arts in Community Development and Participation

To listen to the dedication video and acceptance speech, click play on the videos to below!

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