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Designs and initiatives focused on real people and real stories. Every community has a soul and energy all their own.

How will YOUR stories shape your community?


Every design, innovation, and initiative is custom built to fit your community. By utilizing home-grown talent and local businesses, we create pride through ownership and collaboration.

What does YOUR community need to flourish?


Good design is informed by current data and relevant research. Every step of the process is carefully recorded, analyzed, and considered before any action is taken.

How will YOUR contributions shape your community’s future?


You have the right to know what is happening within your community. We do not keep secrets. From our research to our salaries, we are completely transparent.

What questions could YOU ask to get involved?


Data-Driven Creativity

The choices we make on all levels are backed up by significant data, research, and investigation. Choices are made with deep consideration and verifiable information – not arbitrary, rushed, or uninformed. The column on the right identifies the proper sequence of services we follow that result in the best solutions possible.

1. Research & Development
The first phase requires full-scale comprehensive research in your community. We use a variety of research methodologies, tools, and styles to capture the information we need to justify design making across the board. We investigate your community’s history, government, economy, the business community, culture, and more. The more information we have – the better for all involved.
2. Brand Identity Design
While research is ongoing, the completion of the 1st service opens the door to creative discovery – by entering into the branding (or rebranding) phase. This phase utilizes a variety of research and discovery methods on a collaborative and creative level. Branding a community is no simple task, which is why we collaborate – those that know the spirit of your community best should have a hand in it’s revitalized identity.
3. Graphic + Interactive Design
The brand identity sets the standard for how everything is designed – be it printed material like advertisements, posters, stage banners, or billboards or digital assets like ADA-compliant responsive websites, animation, and mobile apps. This phase identifies and creates the total list of design deliverables needed to launch your new identity.
4. Multimedia - Social Media Storytelling + Events
Print and digital designed media can be and are effective – but campaign level thinking strategically synchronizes all media assets together to tell larger, more immersive, and meaningful stories. Content generation through video, social media, and carefully cultivated events can rally a community together and celebrate all of it’s citizens.
5. Space Activiation + Placemaking
The 5th phase of services initiates the broader applications of your community’s new identity by exploring transformation in the community itself by creatively activating old or unused spaces within your business district, exploring creative placemaking through the arts, or creating improved ways of navigation through a wayfinding program – all based on the soul of your new brand identity.
6. Community & Economic Development
The 6th phase seeks to support all of the marketing and design assets, storytelling, placemaking, and more by creating new community-driven programs and economic development programs that support all members of your community – and hopefully those from outside your community looking to invest. By working with your government, we will be able to create impactful partnerships with public and private organizations that will sustain your new identity platform in exciting, creative ways for years to come.

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2019 Ohio Governor’s Award in the Arts

RJ Thompson receives 2019 Ohio Governor’s Award in the Arts in Community Development and Participation

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