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Keywords:  Friendly, diverse, small, historic, potential, happy,  neighborly, respect, convenient, well-maintained, safe, good location, affordable, accessible, convenient, Parks, Stuff to do, beautiful homes, schools, beautiful neighborhoods, centrally located, near the freeway, Comfortable, welcoming, unique homes, convenient access, small businesses, diverse populace and food, affordable housing, connections, diversity of people, respect for people, lack of confidence in future, spacious, established, proud, evolving, Peaceful, Quiet, Affordable, Beauty, Natural, Great Police/Fire…Close to Everyone!!!, Location, Transportation, Potential, Property, Education, mature, well located, close to town, quiet, creativity, home, more attractive Belmont corridor, interesting ethnic restaurants, proximity to downtown Youngstown, YSU, and museums, Scenic area, Efficient Police, Fire and Maintenance Departments, Easy access to shopping, highways, hospitals, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Loyalty, Tradition, Multicultural-mixed and Liberal and proud, A great location in the area to live and work, a community small enough and inviting for all residents to be viable and active, offering all kinds of neighborhood choices, Value, leadership, iconic businesses (Kravitz, Jimmy’s).

Please list three messages that the new Liberty Township brand needs to communicate:
“We are modern and unique.” “We have our stuff together. Information is easily accessible and help is available.” “We have plenty of traffic coming through to bring customers to your businesses.”
diversity of people, strength of schools, safety of community
We have a diverse and educated population, we have a convenient location near both I-80 and the city, Liberty offers the opportunity for pleasant living near shopping areas and worksites.
Good place to get a start, ripe with potential, can be a “gateway”
It’s a very diverse community, friendly people and neighbors, many small local business nearby.
safe, vibrant, fun
1. It’s a good place to raise a family
2. We have beautifully tree lined streets and unique, affordable homes 3. It’s also a good place to commute from because of its proximity to 80
Great homes, great location, great restaurants
Tolerance and Diversity, Inclusion and excitement, cultural diversity, strategic and convenient location, beautiful affordable homes business friendly, excellent safety services, excellent school system
great value, great location
Be part of a neighborhood, support the school, a safe community is a happy one
Value for cost. Growth potential. Improved government.
We are PAVING our roads!!! Schools combining with neighbors, (not enough students)…working hard to LOWER your TAXES…
Central location between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Affordable living and lifestyle, Affordable labor and education and access to the Business Incubator in Downtown Youngstown.
we care about our infrastructure (paved roads in neighborhoods!), our school is engaging in cutting edge and college prep courses (bring back honors and challenging courses), our residents love where they live
Fun place to visit, great place to live. Pride. Welcoming.
Proximity to YSU, the Butler, Arms Museum, and downtown. Ethnic diversity reflected in Belmont restaurants. Reasonably-priced lovely homes.
Scenic area, Value in home investment, Easy access to shopping, highways, medical.
Curb racism and stand against the tides/forces/trends of other run of the mill suburbs (Boardman) and bedroom communities, like Campbell, Canfield and Poland. We should strive to be more like CLE Heights, and Lakewood older inner-ring suburbs, that are almost like a-part of the inner, or outter-city community…
We are accessible. We are convenient. We have potential.
The township cares, starting with the trustees and continuing on to each and every resident. We care about education and the well being of our children. We are a safe place to live and work in. Our neighborhoods from infrastructure to each home improvement is important to each of us, contributing to our well being as well as our property values
Fantastic Value on Incredible properties, Lifestyle and Great neighborhood Feel!
Affordability. Safety. Friendly.
Property Pride, Community Growth Pride, Diversification, supportive government, safety
1. Best housing stock in the Mahoning Valley
2. Gorgeous neighborhoods, fabulous homes, conveniently located
3. A great place to call home
Why should someone invest in Liberty Township?
I think that Liberty Township really does have a lot of potential. I think that with some work, it could be a really, really awesome place to live, work, and visit. It’s already a good place, but I think it could be better given the right funding and opportunities.
great place to live, work, play, learn, thrive
Liberty is a lovely area. The schools offer a good education, property values are excellent and very nice houses can be bought at very reasonable prices, and it’s very safe. Neighbors are friendly but not intrusive.
As more people invest and commit to Liberty, it’ll only get better and give more reason to invest and commit. Look at what committed and invested individuals and groups have done to Downtown Youngstown.
It has a lot of potential to be a great place to spend time and live.
To bring it back to how it used to be
The neighborhoods have been cleaned up a lot; property values have stabilized
Location to I-80 and business friendly, ripe for redevelopment
Business income steady from 80/11/711 corridor
can enjoy many amenities while home appreciates in value
growing community trying to be progressive
great value, great location
We have all the components of a great community.
Close to Everyone…but need to lower taxes.
Good place to raise a family with varied recreation activities and multiple eduction activities, wide range of social activities and diverse religious opportunities. There is growing interest in revitalization of the area,. Low initial investment compared to other parts of the country.
It has potential to become a beautiful community again. We are centrally located and have space for families and others to live, grow, play, and learn.
Geographic Location
It is Boardman without the traffic problems and over retailization.
To maintain the characteristics mentioned in previous question.
Large enough to get excellent services, small enough to be managed correctly and efficiently. Easy living with scenic neighborhoods and valued home investments.
Location, 15 minutes to 422 and 224, the “airport” and I-80 along with the history, and heritage. YCC, JCC, Logan and Stambaugh golf course.*
Because we are a family friendly community with little traffic and good people.
If the township invests in its future and manages the township resources correctly over the next ten years, property values will rise and be equivalent to neighboring communities
One drive through the Neighborhoods answers all of the above, beautiful Community and People
Potential growth.
liberty residents and leaders support community growth with pride
Our company invested in Liberty Township a few years ago with the Comfort Suites on Perni Lane (off Belmont). Truth be told, I was concerned. Hotels need to be in areas that are vibrant, developing and safe. Personally, I wasn’t convinced that is what Liberty is. I was hoping that the area around the hotel would develop more but that has been a slow process.
No income tax. Located right off Route 80.

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